scoring session

Ghost Particle provides end-to-end scoring services. Clients can reserve services either "a la carte" or as a complete and comprehensive package.

Script Analysis

Essential to producing music for films and television, is the ability to read scripts and analyze structural themes in terms of musical analogues with varying approaches. Charged on a per-script basis.

Sketching Sessions

Developing and rendering musical ideas in our MIDI project studio, The Falls. We provide sketches recorded with synthesizers and sampling libraries. Sketch sessions are arranged on an hourly basis.

Spotting Sessions

We work with production personnel in sessions to tune the musical material to the rough cut . Spotting sessions must be reserved in 4-hour blocks.

Publishing Services

Ghost Particle is able to provide full music publishing services for your media scores.

Orchestral Management

We are able to handle all the logistics, auditioning, rehearsals, conducting, and parts copying for orchestral projects.

Cue Timing

Encoding cues with SMPTE time code for inclusion in the editing workflow.

Orchestral Scoring

Scoring for large ensembles. Includes orchestral management services package.

Electronic Scoring

Full scoring services through our electronic lab facilities.

Sweetening Sessons

With provision of core material we can add musical lines and augmented instrumentation.
arranging and orchestration


Ghost Particle provides musical arranging services in all manner of styles. From jazz to rock to pop to hip-hop to classical. As well, we have a strong ethnomusical in-house knowledge. Whatever your arranging needs, we have you covered! We provide custom arranging and, best of all, we have a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

When you engage with us for arranging services, we will provide online or in-person consultations with multiple prospective arrangers. In the porocess of producing a custom arrangement, we establish a secure online workspace for you to collaborate and review drafts.

Deliverables include sheet music files, sketch recordings or, if requested, a professionally-produced demo.


We do great orchestrations, whether for small groups or full symphony orchestras. As with our arranging service, we establish an efficient collaborative workflow in a secure online space.

Draft reviews using high-quality digital instrument samples are provided as an assist in visualizing the colorations and settings to the client.

sound design

Sound Design

We take a broad and comprehensive approach to sound design.

We do sound analysis for the specific project and generate a detailed specification. But the spcification isn't simply a blueprint to follow. It's a basic template to support the provision of creative and novel audio solutions using the most advanced engineeering tools and techniques.

We support cinema and television production, musical instrument development, sound art, video games, post-production, live performance, theater, audiobooks, and radio.

Technical Music

Sonic Branding

We consult with commercial entities to develop "sonic logos" or Soundmarks® as part of their sonic branding marketing plan.
We work to provide the sonic elements of commercial branding packages. The composition and production of sonic logos can be challenging and involve more engagement than a film score. A significant amount of specific emotional response has to be accomplished within a piece of very short duration.

The sonic logo is as important as a specific font or a color scheme. Since it's the basis for a sonic branding campaign a great deal depends on it. Ghost Particle provides sonic logo solutions of high-quality in record time.

We excel in the recontextualizing of melodies for marketing applications.

Our methodology is deeply influenced by the work of Professor Charles Spence and the Crossmodal Group at Oxford University.

Services for Klamath Film

Ghost Particle offers a special set of discounted services to registered members of Klamath Film. We want to assist budding filmmakers in our communty with making the leap to professional sounding productions. Sound design and scoring services can really help bring your film to life. If you'd like to find out more about our offerings, please fill out and submit the form below.

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About Us

Kevin Davis

is a songwriter/session musician/producer with over 40 years of industry experience. He worked for Motown Records and Jobete Publishing during the 1980s as well as Fantasy Records and focuses primarily on Pop, Blues, and Rhythm & Blues arrangements and production. He is a graduate of California State University at Fullerton and received his MBA from University of Phoenix. Kevin is also an exceptionally-talented multi-keyboardist and singer. As a singer, he comes from a deep gospel tradition an believes in deeply soulful vocal communication.

"I love to inspire, teach, activate, learn, and grow. Love helping others and making a happy, productive environment. I'm allergic to time-wasting and B.S. (Bad Stuff, ha!)"

Kevin and Court first performed together as teenagers in the R&B cover band, the Soulpsydelics, in the late 1960s/early70s. Besides connecting with Kevin through GP, you can reach him on Facebook and Twitter @KdKjkevin35

Bob McKelvy

is a musician/jazz composer/producer specializing in jazz development. Prior to founding Ghost Particle, Bob ran a production company in the Seattle area as well as Zagata Studios in Spain. In addition to his musical prowess, Bob has been an electronic engineer for 45 years and is integral to the hardware and software tools custom built for our studio, The Falls. Bob studied Computer Science at UCLA and, when not performing, worked as a senior engineer at TRW Systems and Microsoft before founding Zagata Studios. Bob currently divides his time between homes in Shoreline, Washington and Tunisia. In the mid-1970s he played bass and composed for the experimental electronic jazz band The Lab alog with Joe Ransfer, Jr. and Courtleigh Cannick.

David Layne

is a noted second-generation professional trumpeter and music educator. He is a graduate of the music conservatory at Oberlin College. In the early 1970s David was a member of the now-legendary Jazz-Rock Ensemble. After completing his MEd he joined the Marcinkiewicz company as a trumpettechnician. Today, along with Ghost Particle, David teaches music in the public schools.

Courtleigh Cannick

is a composer/arranger/orchestrator trained at the California State University at Dominguez Hills and the California Institute of the Arts. Early in his career he worked as a Hollywood session musician as well as performing classical music with Lukas Foss and Michael Tilson-Thomas. He is also an advanced software engineer, developing some of the high-end mastering rools for Ghost Particle. Court began film scoring in the 1970s at Tom Carr and Associates in Los Angeles. In the 80s he scored the science series Physical Science Journal for Storer Cable. He has taught analog and digital synthesis privatelly for nearly 40 years, having studied with Rodney Oakes, Richard Bunger, and Morton Subotnik.

Natalia Houston

is responsible for Ghost Particle's educational outreach project to train the next generation of composers, arrangers, orchestrators, and music producers. Talia is a career educator who graduated from Loyola University and did her post-graduate work at Trinity University.


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